Powering Xavier NX with 24V 90A Truck Battery

I want to use Jetson Xavier NX Developer kit for outdoor project. So i have an external battery which is DC 24V 90A Truck battery and via this, i want to power my prototype which i shared a diagram below.
In this case, what should i do to meet the safety precautions of xavier NX while powering it from trucks battery?

Also, can we power xavier nx from GPIO pin like Jetson Nano?

The Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit requires a 9−20V power supply, it will be safe if power supply voltage is in that range, and it can NOT be powered from GPIO pin.

It looks like you have a 12v regulator feeding the “embedded computer” and if a 24v battery is used, it looks like you’re already regulating it down to 20v so that should be fine. I’d regulate it down to 19v just to be safe. If you don’t want to use the barrel jack on the NX for power, right behind it there’s a place for a 2 pin header you can populate and supply 9-20v that way. As @Trumany said, you can’t supply 5 volts to pins 2 and 4 on the 40-pin header. There’s actually a protection diode that prevents backfeeding.

Hi gtj,
Thank you for this valuable information.

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