Powering Xavier NX via GPIO, not powering on

I have been trying to power the Jetson Xavier NX via the GPIO header as ‘I think was mentioned’ in the Jetson Nano thread linked below. Using pins 2+4 (pin 6+9 GND). However when I feed in 5v regulated power it does nothing. I am starting to think this is not possible though do to what I found below.

Below I have listed out what I have found and many questions. However the main question is: Is it possible and if so how to power the Xavier NX with 5V, and still run in all power modes (10-20W).

In Jetson_Xavier_NX_DevKit_Carrier_Board_Specification_v1.0.pdf, states that the GPIO pins can support a max of 1A per 5V pin so powering via J12 pins seems to be not not possible? Maybe in 10W mode?

In Jetson_Xavier_NX_Product_Design_Guide_DG-09693-001_v1.4.pdf page 12, it states “The developer kit carrier board designs latch POWER_EN state to ensure that the signal stays active”. So with a dev board it should just power on if supplied power? Since it is not, I am assuming GPIO 5V pins are not able to power the board.

It seems that by using the optional PoE Backpower Header – J18, I can supply up to 3A at 9-20V.
Do voltage regulators need to be current limiting?

I couldn’t find any mention of high current (>1A) 5V inputs on the dev board. I am thinking if I can supply 5V via my own regulator it would remove the need to use the regulator on the carrier board possibly saving power. My voltage source is a 6S Li-ion battery, which is out of the DC jack input range, so it needs a regulator of its own regardless.

The info below suggest 5V input exist on the Nano though.

Jetson Nano thread:
“The devkit may also be powered from pins 2+4 (pin 6+9 GND) of the J48 Expansion Header - up to up to 5V⎓3A per pin (5V⎓6A total).” Power supply considerations for Jetson Nano Developer Kit

However the documentation seems to disagree:
J48 seems to be used for a jumper, and the pins 2,4,6,9 seem to be referencing the J41 expansion header?

Also since the J48 header only has two pins they are probably labeled pin 1 and 2?
I couldn’t find a table for J48 in documentation, NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board P3449_B01 SP-09732-001_v1.1.pdf.

Also, it states that pins 2 & 4 on J41 (40 pin GPIO) have a max power rating of 5V 1A per pin. Does this mean the board cannot be powered via the GPIO? I think I am missing something I could not find any 5V 3A pins in the document.

GPIO pins has the max current is limited by pin capability, 2A; instead of 3.5A of DC power Jack.

Okay so the PoE Backpower Header – J18 might be the best option for me if I want to avoid adding a barrel plug,
It seems J18 is rated for 3A but if the input voltage is say 12v that should not be an issue.

Unless there is a reason to use the barrel plug over J18?

hello Greg118,

please also access Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit User Guide .
this 5V on [J12] 40-pin expansion header. it can only provide power out.
they may not be used to deliver power to the developer kit.

Okay thank you.

In that case is the Nano different? Or is the post by dusty_nv incorrect when it says?
“The devkit may also be powered from pins 2+4 (pin 6+9 GND) of the J48 Expansion Header - up to up to 5V⎓3A per pin (5V⎓6A total).” Link in the first post here.

From what I can tell, unless J48 pins (1x2 configuration) are labeled pin 2 and 4, and they intend to use ground pins of J41 (40 pin GPIO) something seems wrong in that post?

Nano is different. J48 is the header to switch supply source. J41 is the 40-pin header with 5V input pins.

I know the labels are different. Or are you saying they are different in the sense that we can power the nano off of the GPIO like it seems dusty_nv is saying.

It seems like the PoE Backpower Header – J18 is the only other option for powering the Jetson Xavier NX if you do not want to use a barrel plug, as stated in documentation.

Also as for my question about 5v, @JerryChang stated that the Xavier NX’s GPIO pins are only able to provide power out unlike the Jetson Nano as stated by @Trumany.

For my use case a soldered connection is preferred over a barrel plug.

Nano can be powered from GPIO pins, but Xavier NX can’t.