Orin Nano Developer Kit - Power through GPIO

Have been using the Jetson Nano dev kit for a computer vision project. The Nano dev kit was powered through the GPIO pins 2,4 and it has been working as expected. Got the Orin Nano dev kit in the hopes to switch to using Orin Nano in the future. However, the board would not turn on when powered through the pins 2,4. The board works if powered through the barrel connector starting from 9V.

Documentation says that GPIO 2 and 4 are 5V power supply at 1A each. Is this correct? It does not seem to be working. Am I missing anything?

Unlike Jetson Nano, Orin Nano carrier have “reverse current block” circuit don’t support supply from 40pin.
Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Reference Design Files

Thank you for your response. I am not an expert in circuits. Does this mean I cannot power the Orin Nano dev kit with 5V? Is there a way around this?

A little background about why I am looking to keep powering through the 5V pins:
The kit goes on a bot and I do have 9V in my current circuit and can power the kit through the barrel plug. However, I use a UPS board to make sure the kit is shutdown properly in case our power supply gets unplugged or if it dies. The UPS circuit can only output a 5V. Even if I switch to powering the kit with 9V via barrel plug, how do I handle the UPS side of it?

Underatand the use case.
But I’m after power through GPIO pins not supported any more since Xaiver NX carrier.
Xavier NX devkit user guide already document this, Orin Nano and NX is new, documents need time, so……

Thank you, Jim. I guess I need to switch to 9V barrel plug then for the power supply. Do you have any recommendations or leads to handle abrupt power failure for the Orin Nano Dev kit?

The power supply range of devkit is 5V - 20V. You can choose power accordingly.

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately, the dev kit is not powering ON at 5V. It powers ON only at 9V. Just checked again and the dev kit’s operating range is 9V to 20V and not 5V!

Hi, please share a photo of your devkit, also the board part number printed on PCB.

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