Orin NX power supply - benefit of using 20V?

I’m planning for our next custom carrier board for Orin Nano and Orin NX. Facts:

  • Orin Nano has got a fixed 5V input.
  • Orin NX has got a 5V…20V input.
  • The Orin Nano Devkit has got all the hardware for switching between 5V and 19V but is shipped with switching disabled.

What are the recommendations for a carrier board that supports both Orin Nano and Orin NX? What benefit do I have if I spend the extra $$$ for the voltage switching circuits according to the MODULE_ID line? As seen on the Devkit I should get away with 5V only, right?

As per below info from DG, it depends on your custom design whether to support wide range voltage or not. At present, both Orin NX and Orin nano can work with 5V only.

MODULE_ID indicates the capability of the module. Low: Legacy module with VDD_IN = 5V nominal. High: Advanced module supporting wide VDD_IN range (5V-20V).

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