Orin NX input voltage range

The design guide specifies that the power for the Orin NX module to be supplied on the VDD_IN pin is nominally 5.0V to 20V but also mentions that the carrier board must support VDD_IN at 5V supporting the extended range of 5V – 20V is optional in section 6.1.

Is it ok to provide VDD_IN in the range 5V - 20V directly to the module where we do not plan to use legacy modules with input of 5V only ?
The Module_ID pin in this case is left floating and is not pulled up in the carrier board.

Currently there will only be a single Orin NX VDD_IN type (wide range, has MODULE_ID floating). The carrier board must support 5V operation if the MODULE_ID pin is pulled low (or GND’d) on the module. The reason is to support both types of modules now and in the future. Customers should not create a carrier board that blindly supported only a voltage > 5V (such as the 12V ). If they do, it would work with the modules like the current Orin NX, but might not work (could damage) modules in the future that didn’t support the wide range, possibly for a lower cost version.

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