Considerations when using Jetson Xavier NX module with Nano devkit carrier

For Jetson Nano Developer Kit (945-13450-0000-100) customers intending to purchase Jetson Xavier NX module, please consider:

Jetson Xavier NX module does not include a heatsink
The expectation is that customers will design or procure a thermal solution appropriate for their particular application. Please read the Jetson Xavier NX Thermal Design Guide.

Off-the-shelf thermal solutions for Jetson Xavier NX are available from Jetson ecosystem partners. Check this wiki page for a list.

The Nano devkit reference carrier board has power limitations
The Jetson Xavier NX module supports up to 15 W power budget. You’ll definitely need to use the barrel jack power supply connector on the Jetson Nano Developer Kit carrier board.

Use a quality power supply like the ones we list in Jetson Nano SCL, but take note that the Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide specifies a maximum supported continuous current of 4.4A for the Nano reference carrier board. This means 7 W will be your max budget for everything other than the module, e.g., peripherals, Ethernet, the carrier board itself, etc.

Jetson ecosystem partners offer carrier boards for Jetson Xavier NX. Check this wiki page for a list.

[EDIT - updated with link to off-the-shelf thermal solutions and carrier boards]