Jetson AGX Xavier Devloper Kit input power

What is the specification for input voltage for the Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit?

The developer kit documentation Table 6-1 on page 35 shows the interface power supply allocation, under V_SRC it says

Usage: Main power input from DC Adapter or USB type C VBUS[2:1]
Value: 9-20 V

Does this mean, that I could supply it with a DC power supply anywhere from 9 to 20V?

Yes you can, the AGX at full power uses 65 watt [ Voltage * Amp ].

However like this post describes, its best to use 9V with an output of 7.2 Amps.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Is there any reference in the documentation to the 65 W power requirement?

The max-current listed in the developer kit manual Table 6-2 for VCC_SRC is 5A, which at 9V would be 45 W only.

Assuming 65 W power usage that puts the lower input supply voltage limit at 65 W / 5A = 13 V.


This post is a good reference.

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