Power by Jack connector - Which voltage

Hello, Can I power my Jetson AGX Xavier through its Jack connector in :
12 VDC ?
24 VDC ?
respecting the 60 Watts?
Thanks a lot.

I forget the lower voltage, but max is 19.6V. It also needs to be good regulation (the dev kit should come with a good power source).

Thanks a lot for your response, since my question, I found this information about the Jetson AGX Xavier in the Web nVIDIA documentation :
Operating Requirements

Temperature Range: -25C – 80C (JAX, JAX 64GB ); -40C – 85C (JAXi) | Maximum Module Power: 30W (JAX, JAX 64GB); 40W (JAXi)| Power Input: System Voltage Input 9.0V – 20.0V; 5V Input: 5.0V | Operating Lifetime (24x7): 5 years (JAX, JAX 64GB); 10 years (JAXi)

I might add that for the Jetson AGX Xavier developper kit, use with GPU require a power bigger than 30 W… We are still under 65 W.

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