How to power Xavier with 24v DC?

I need to install Xavier into a tower. The tower can only provide 24V DC power. Can Xavier be directly supplied with 24V DC power supply? If not, what kind of DC-DC power converter do I need? Thanks.

No, the rated input level is 9V ~ 20V. We have no recommendation on such third party device. But you can search fit ones online, it is not hard to get one which can convert 24V to requested level.

I recommend a DC DC converter that goes from 24V input to 18V output. Higher voltage output, means you need a lower current to reach the same power amount.

I’d recommend something like:

Note that these kinds of converters are generally rated at “absolute maximum theoretically possible for a few milliseconds” numbers, so over-specifying the available current is a good idea.

You’ll also need an appropriate pigtail wire with a plug to plug into the Jetson.