Does Amazon have an AC Adapter Replacement for AGX Xavier in case it dies?

If in the unfortunate event that AGX Xavier’s AC Adapter is dead, are there readily available power supply’s available on sites like Amazon that would be able to serve as a suitable replacement (as an example)?

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Hi asrocki, the barrel jack power supply is a LiteOn NSW26604 (65W, 19VDC). You may need to contact the manufacturer to find a suitable distributor.

Note that you can also use a USB-C Power Delivery adapter, which may be easier to obtain. See the Supported Components List for USB-C Power Delivery adapters officially validated against the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit, including these:

Another USB-C Power Delivery adapter that should work is this Dell LA90PM170 USB-C power brick.

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Great, glad it is compatible with Apple USB-C Power adapters.

Is any other 65W 19V DC laptop adapter compatible with AGX Xavier Developer Kit?

Hi @goksungur, please refer to the Jetson AGX Xavier Supported Component List:

I checked this document. But the recommended products are not available anymore. So I have to find another options.
I found the following product. Can I use it to provide power supply for dev KİT ?

We haven’t tried that particular adapter, but it looks like the 2.5x5.5mm dimensions of the power jack match. The Jetson AGX Xavier uses Singatron 2DC-G213-B73F DC power jack.

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can we also use some of these USB-C power sources with Jetson Xavier NX? with some USB-C to jack adapter ? somehow?

I don’t believe so, or at least it hasn’t been tested before. The USB-C power-delivery adapters often have additional load-detection circuitry which I’m not sure a simple converter would work with.