Xavier AGX power supply coaxial jack measurements

I’m a student and due the COVID-19 issue I can’t work with the Xavier AGX that belong to the University that I assist. I have a project that need some specific requirements and for one of them I need to create a custom cable to power the Xavier. I was wondering if someone know or can measure the Xavier AGX coaxial jack of the power supply that comes with the Jetson AGX. I also, found in the forum that the power supply that comes with the AGX is a LiteOn NSW26604 (65W, 19VDC), but I can’t find anything about this adapter when I search online. Can someone share the measurements?

Thank you in advance.

According to the Jetson Xav ier Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification the jack used on the Carrier board is a Singatron Enterprise 2DC-G213-B73F.
You can use any power supply as long as the jack fits and it delivers a voltage between 9 and 20V.

Thank you, I appreciate it.