AGX input voltage

I’m working on a project that requires constrained power consumption without performance compromises. So in MAXN mode which input voltage I should choose between 9-20V to ensure minimum loss at Xavier’s power circuit ?

Technically any voltage in that range should work if the voltage is very stable. I think I’ve seen notes suggesting (without any particular proof) that the higher 19.0V might perhaps be the most efficient.

Yes, I see the point that the included charger is rated 19.5V. But according to this document
“For optimal efficiency, a lower voltage power supply should be used. For example, a standard 9V power supply provides better efficiency over a 19V one. As the input voltage increases from 9V up to 19V the module
operating efficiency will drop off.”
So which one, 9V or 19V is right ?

I could not give a definitive answer. However, if you really needed to know, do you have a bench supply capable of working with voltages from 9V to 19V? You might try comparing both voltages with a known load which matches your expected load. NVIDIA may have a document on efficiencies in that range, but I have not seen it, and if there is information on this, then I suspect it isn’t a large difference.

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