Portable Power Supply

I’m interested in powering the AGX Xavier with a portable power source while it drives a Pioneer P3-DX robot, which has a 5V @ 1.5A; 12V @ 2.5A battery pack. Would it be reasonable to power the Xavier with this power source? What requirements should I follow (eg: peak current, voltage, ripples…).

If powering the Xavierthrough the P3-DX is not reasonable, what equipment is it common to use to power it?

Thanks in advance.

The 12V is certainly reasonable, the 5V would not work. I don’t know if the 12V would have enough current, but probably would if there were not a lot of USB devices (e.g., a keyboard consumes almost no power, a camera can consume a lot over USB). Additionally, 12V directly off of an unregulated battery would likely be unstable and suddenly shut down once in a while as it hits power spikes. I couldn’t say what equipment is common for power, but a regulated source in the 12V to 19V range is quite common. A battery capable of something in the range of 4A to 5A and regulated is likely to be a good source (more regulation and power spike protection if this also powers inductive loads like motors).