Power supply on Jetson Agx Xavier using CAN bus

I would be interested in powering Jetson Agx Xavier using CAN bus.
The power supplies through CAN that I have available are:

  1. 23-29.2V with maximum current 5A
  2. 23-29.2V with maximum current 10A

I would like to know whether using either of the two would be possible with Agx Xavier, or an additional converter is needed.

In forum pages dedicated to Agx power supply, it is stated that the power supply needed is 12-19.2V and at least 5A current. I am not sure whether the source1. or 2. that was listed above would be safe to use.

Can anyone give any advice on this? Also, has anyone used CAN bus power supply to feed Jetson Agx?

Power supply thru CAN is not supported default. The power supply range is necessary.