Determining best working Mode


I have Jetson AGX Xavier. I’m working on a thermal design for a rugged computer. I want to determine best mode for my computer. I’m planning to use 4 2K cameras. After appling some stresstest on MaxN mode, I see that generated heat is so high. So can we say that it’s impossible to use MaxN mode in a fanless rugged computer over 40 Celsius ambient temperature?

There are MaxN, 30W ALL, 30W 6Core, 30W 4Core etc…
When applying stresstest on MaxN mode, I read 32W from the JTOP and it’s 14W in 30W ALL.
Can you first tell me why 30W ALL mode’s power consumption is much lower than MaxN mode?

There is information about TOPS in AGX Xavier Datasheet and it says 32 TOPS. Is it for all modes or it can be vary on each mode? if so, can you tell me TOPS values for each mode?

Overall, can you help me to select best working mode for Jetson AGX Xavier? After this selection I will start thermal analysis of my computer.

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Please refer to below link for nvpmodel information. You can choose model based on your use case.

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