CPU & GPU Stress Test On NX

Is there a standard way/Scripts/software tool to stress the CPU & GPU to evaluate power consumption and as well Temperature monitor ?

Hi thiru.shetty,

You can use “cpu --stress 6” command to run CPU stress test.
And use CUDA samples to run GPU stress test.

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Do you mean, ‘stress --cpu 6’ ??

Yes, this is external tool. You need install it first.

Can u please specify the related cuda samples to run the GPU Stress test?
Is it possible that the usage of gpu get 100%?

Hello, @carolyuu

Are there cuda samples that can be run without a break for 5 days?
Apart from the CUDA samples, are there any other benchmarking tools provided by nvidia?

Thank you.

Hi Hodu,

You can run matrixMul CUDA samples and adjust the size for GPU loading.
And write the script to loops running.

For examples:

$ cd /usr/local/cuda-10.2/samples/0_Simple/matrixMul
$ ./matrixMul -wA=3200 -hA=320 -wB=640 -hB=3200

You can adjust wA, hA, wB and hB value, remember set the same data with wA and hB.