Power Measurement Difference on Jetson AGX Xavier

Iā€™m trying to do the power measurment of some application running in Jetson AGX Xavier. I use one tool called tegrastats, which gives the real-time power of the CPU, GPU, VDD, etc.

jtop (GitHub - rbonghi/jetson_stats: šŸ“Š Simple package for monitoring and control your NVIDIA Jetson [Xavier NX, Nano, AGX Xavier, TX1, TX2]) is based on tegrastats and provdes UI for measurement.

However, when I use an external device to monitor the power consumption of the whole Jetson device, I got a different value campared with jtop. As is shown in the Figure. One shows all is 8.9 Watt, while the other shows 15.7 Watt. The gap is about 6.8 Watt.

Does tegrastats provide just part of the total power? Is there a software tool to measure the total power of Jetson?

Tegrastats shows the main power consumption of module NOT the whole system including carrier and external devices.

Is there a software tool to measure the power of the whole system?

No such tool.

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