Validity of Jetson AGX Xavier power consumption measurements with jetson_stats, when using a carrier board

I’m working with an AGX Xavier development kit with a carrier board from Neousys.
I am grateful for having discovered the jetson_stats repo, which amongst its many features, offers measurements for power consumption. I am just wondering if these average and instantaneous power consumption values can still be considered to be precise, given that I am working on an AGX module that is attached to a carrier board?

hello Farnam,

what’s the specific data you’re most concerned? it’s the statistic reported by SOC.
please use the power estimator to customize the nvpmodel if the power consumption is your major considerations.

Hi Jerry,

Right, so I’m just wondering if those statistics reported by the SOC are still reliable when using an AGX Xavier that has a carrier board attached?
The power estimator link is super handy! It seems to only support the AGX NX however.

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