AGX Xavier Power Consumption

Hello Team,

As per the updated datasheet of AGX Xavier SoM, the power consumption of the Module is 10-30W.

But as per the absolute maximum power consumption table,

  1. SYS_VIN_HV —> 20V@5.4A
  2. SYS_VIN_MV —> 5V@6A
    together it adds up to (108W + 30W) 138W.

Please guide how to consider the typical and maximum current consumption on SYS_VIN_HV & SYS_VIN_MV rails.

Chithambara Ganesh

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That is the design threshold. The real power consumption depends on use case and is 10-30W in general.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for your response.
By considering the maximum power mode 30W, please help to provide wattage consumption to be considered in SYS_VIN_HV and SYS_VIN_MV.

At 30W mode what is the current consumption in

  1. SYS_VIN_HV —> 12V@??A
  2. SYS_VIN_MV —> 5V@??A

Chithambara Ganesh

That depends use case too, different use case has different power distribution.

  1. Is there any power consumption calculation tool available,
  2. What is the maximum power consumption in SYS_VIN_HV and MV considering 100% utilisation of all interfaces.

No such tool and such “maximum power consumption”. Please refer to the info of nvpmodel to understand that: Supported Modes and Power Efficiency