Power Consumption SYS_VIN_MV and SYS_VIN_HV for MAXN mode of Jetson AGX Xavier Module

Hi NVidia Team

Can you tell us the power consumption for the MAXN mode for the two voltage rails SYS_VIN_MV (5V) and SYS_VIN_HV (12V)? We have a custom carrier board and need to know, how much current is drawn over the two supplies. We saw that for MAXN mode, the power consumption will be around 50W, but designing both rails for this power does not seem reasonable.
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MAXN means everything is unlimited. You need to check the power based on your application.
SYS_VIN_HV is 9-20v supply to CPU/GPU/CORE/CV, those module have dynamic power consumption depend working frequency and loading.
SYS_VIN_MV is 5v supply to the rest inside module, It should be less than 10w.
You could check the power with tegrastats, The module have current sensor and report the power consumption on those modules.