Xavier AGX Power Rails SYS_VIN_HV and SYS_VIN_MV - current drawn for typical use case

Anyone has info on the current drawn for SYS_VIN_HV and SYS_VIN_MV? Are the on module DC/DC converters drawing current from SYS_VIN_HV only?

The current is up to 5.4A to HV and 6A to MV, the real consumption is case by case. Both HV and MV are for some DC/DC in module.

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Thanks for the reply. Something is not adding up.

If the current consumed by the Xavier AGX module is 5.4A for HV and 6A for MV, this would bring the total to 9Vx5.4A + 5Vx6A = 78.6W. Nvidia specifies 30W for Xavier AGX module ( high end ). There’s a discrepancy of 48.6W. Is the assumption that all 78.6W are being consumed by Nvidia’s Xavier module correct? Let’s assume peripherals are not drawing power from the VIN rail, 12V regulated, or 5V rails. Who is consuming the unaccounted 48.6W?

Please see block diagram from Nvidia’s doc, JETSON AGX XAVIER Thermal Design Guide (TDG-08981-001_v1.0 ). Fig 5.1 on page 21 appears to show the on module converters are pulling majority of the current from HV rail. Can you confirm. Is there power tree available showing the current distribution of the rails on Xavier AGX module?



The max current value of HV and MV is the design tolerance, not the consumption on same time. The general power consumption is less than 30W. The real power consumption depends on use case of customer.

Hello. I am trying to connect my Jetson Agx Xavier with 5 volts. I read in the blog that it is possible as SYS_VIN_MV takes in 6 Amp input. I have no issue for the amps. The problem is I don’t know where to plug in my 5 Volts. I checked data sheet and watched many videos. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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