Current requirements

I am doing a 40W AGX Xavier industrial design and I am supplying SYS_VIN_HV and SYS_VIN_MV independently thru a POL. To the Xavier module, my SYS_VIN_HV voltage is 12V and I plan to source 2A. My SYS_VIN_MV is 5V at 4A. Will the module exceed these on start up?

That should be ok for startup. The real power consumption depends on the real use case.

Trumany, I am designing the hardware and other people will put software on it. I will limit thermally to 40W and 85C as per Xavier Ind spec. I need to know that 2A on 12V HV and 4A on 5V MV is sufficient current to support all applications. Since you dont give any guidance in your documentation, how are we supposed to know?

Of course no. The IDDmax is as below showing you can get in data sheet. The key point is the real maximum power consumption of your use case. Your team should estimate is or run use case on devkit to get the number.

There are stress conditions, not operating conditions:

Your saying I have to characterize the application power to determine my design point? Based on how many samples of hardware? How much variation should I expect over the lifetime of the product?

As said, the operating condition also depends on your use case. The stress conditions can be reached in some situation. The current could be different between HV and MV if use case is different. At least, you can get the general power consumption data of your use case and then decide what the design point should be.

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