Some questions about AGX Xavier's power

1.What’s the typical current value and max current value of SYS_VIN_HV?
2.What’s the typical current value and max current value of SYS_VIN_MV?
3.Do the HV and MV have to power up at the same time? Can HV earlier than MV or MV earlier than HV?
4.What’s the input range of MV?
5.The decoupling capacitor guide for HV and MV.

Please read the module datasheet/OEM DG in DLC first, those docs are for custom design and have most answers of questions.

Still can’t find the answer i need except,would you please give me a specific parameters,thank you.

Did you check the module datasheet and design guide? The power consumption (current) is case by case, no “typical” value. In page 66 of module datasheet, there are maximum current value IDDmax and range of HV and MV.

HV and MV is designed to be enabled at same time by VIN_PWR_ON which you can see in reference schematic of P2822. And also the decoupling caps are in the schematic too.