Jetson AGX Xavier OEM power up problems

We are designed carrier board with MCU to power up Xavier AGX Jetson.
Everything looks like according to design guide. However we have current consumption only 300mA on 5V(MV) and 60mA on 12V(HV) after power up sequence. Total power about 2.2W Development board when is starts consume about 5W at the start and higher.
Here are oscilloscope diagrams of our signals:

and here is DG diagrams:

Please advise what we are doing wrong as we ran out of ideas :)

Hi, is the board in recovery mode? Any log output?

Nope it is not in Force-Recovery mode. FORCE_RECOVERY_N going becoming pulled up after CARRIER-POWER-ON signal went up. There are delay between SYS_RESET_N and FORCE_RECOVERY_N of 5ms. FORCE_RECOVERY_N is pulled up first then SYS_RESET_N.

Can you use a PC to observe if any recovery device come out to make sure it is not in recovery mode? And is there any log output?

We found an issue as some of JTAG DEBUG pins were not connected properly.
Now we can start up Xaiver. HDMI is working. It is downloading pre flushed OS.
We have another problem.
GPIO22(F54) pin is not switching on USB power. On Devkit - it is going to high level. In our case it is staying low.
We using this pin same way as Dev kit does- enabling power switch to give 5V to USB.
We have 2 USB 3.0 connectors(TYPE A) connected to USB0(F12,F13) and USB1(C10,C11).
Any advise on that?

Is it used as usb_vbus_en0 too on your board? It should be high after detecting usb device plug in. Please check and compare your design to reference like your last question.

We have same schematics as this one:

But we have 2 USB-A connector connected to USB0 and USB1
Yes GPIO22(F54) used to switch on power 5V on USB.
OEM Xavier on development board switching power on(GPIO22->1.8V) straight away after start. In our case it is not doing it. But even if we manually switch on power on USB it is still doesnt see any USB device(mouse or keyboard). Looks like Xavier doesnt want to communicate on USB0 or USB1 by default.

The device can’t be detected on either of two ports? If your design is same to reference, then hardware design should be no problem.

So we have 2 USB3.0 port here and both of them cannot work?

Which GPIOs are in use? I saw you only said GPIO22, but that is only one GPIO. You have two ports here so should have 2 GPIOs to control, where is another one?

Yes device cannot see any of these ports.
GPIO22 used to switch on power for both USB’s
Interesting that it is not even trying to give ‘1’ to GPIO22 like if software have a blocker to try USB’s
Even though we are switching power on USB manually. Xavier still doesnt see USB devices.
On development board-it is happening itself and GPIO22->‘1’ straight after start


If you are talking about using only one GPIO to control the vbus for 2 USB ports simultaneously, then such design is not allowed.

The software side configuration only allows one vbus for each port.


There is a level shift on USB_VBUS_EN0, it might be a risk, there is related doc of this level shift that you can find in DLC, please read that first. Have you checked the USB_VBUS_EN0 acting as expected and the 5V output is normal?

We disconnected GPIO22 from shifter and pull it up to 1.8V
Then we pulled up output of shifter to 3.3V so USB have 5V now.
We checked GPIO22 signal behavior. Once Xavier is started it is 1.8V(On) for 10-15 seconds. Then it goes to zero and staying low.
So it does look like Xavier trying to switch it on.
Maybe there is some check or some condition in Xavier software that switching it off after some time.
Please check attached boot log. There some errors related to USB can be seen in a log. Mouse was connected during this boot.
Any ideas?
nvidia Xavier.log (40.9 KB)

I am not sure if you are aware that device tree change/configuration are required when you make custom board for usb.

Refer to

If you are not familiar with linux kernel and device tree, you should find a software engineer to help.

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