Boot failure with AGX Xavier on customized carrier board

We encounter some boot failure problems for Jetson AGX Xavier on our customized carried board. The power design of the carrier board is based on “auto power-on option no MCU” mode.
The extern power supply range is 9~28V, which is converted to 12V as input to Xavier module. We have tested our system with JetPack 4.2.3, 4.4, and 4.5.1, and boot problems still exist even with JP 4.5.1.

Problem 1: System keeps rebooting
From the debug console, we noticed that sometimes AGX Xavier module kept rebooting.The boot log is enclosed in file reboot.log.
reboot.log (153.9 KB)

1)During module rebooting, a low pulse on signal “POWER_BTN_N” can be captured by oscilloscope.

2)During the booting process, we ensure (via oscilloscope measurement) that power-related signals are correct.
For example, signal “VCC_SRC_A” is always +12V, and “VDD_5V” is always +5V. And signals “VIN_PWR_ON” and “MODULE_POWER_ON” are always high.

Problem 2: Linux kernel boot failure
With the same board and SW/HW configuration, sometimes Linux kernel ( even with the latest JetPack release 4.5.1) boot process stopped after reporting some CPU errors. The detailed booting log and CPU errors can be found in file “CPU_error.log”.
CPU_error.log (118.2 KB)

FYI, the power-related schematics are enclosed as file “POWER.pdf”
POWER.pdf (102.2 KB)
and “POWER-UP.pdf”
POWER-UP.pdf (89.4 KB)
, where “POWER.pdf” is the design schematic of voltage conversion circuits, and “POWER-UP.pdf” is the design schematic of power-up timing sequence circuits of Xavier module.

Anything wrong with our power / power-up design?
Could you please help us check our schematic design and fix the boot problems?

Hi, in general we don’t provide support of schematic review to JEP customer, as there is OEM Design Guide and devkit carrier board schematic as reference. Please fill the checklist sheet in OEM DG first, then compare your design to schematic of P2822 in DLC. Also you can capture the full power sequence of your board to compare to the sequence in OEM DG. If you have done these, and issue still, please upload your checklist sheet, change list table and power on sequence screenshot here for check.