My Xavier restart again after a power-off flow

Hi, the Xavier in my self-design carrier board now has a problem when i attemp to conduct a power-off flow, the xavier shut down and then power up again (i can see the shut down log and power up initiaization log ), but the xavier module shut down finally, it just conduct a very short power up attemption .
The module power-on / the vin_pwr_bad_n/rset_n signal is OK, can you give me some advice?

hello wanglkzf,

could you please attach full serial console logs for reference,

logfile.txt (21.0 KB)

when i conduct a power down operation,i can see the log message shown as the beginning of the uoloaded file. Then the xavier beggin a initiaization process but not a normal power-on process, the log ended when the follows messeage apear:
[0005.446] I> L4T boot options
[0005.446] I> [1]: “primary kernel”
[0005.447] I> Enter choice:

but the module power-on pad voltage never goes to a high level during the period.

Hi, you need to compare your design to reference to find out the possible cause. Such as the Power Discharge chapter as listed in OEM DG, do you add the discharge circuit to meet the power down sequence? Besides the power part chapter in OEM DG, you can also check the schematic of devkit carrier board to see if any difference on your design.