Xavier NX Resetting only Module


In your documentation you mention that a full power cycle is performed when asserting SYS_RESET* low. Does this mean the carrier board power needs to be turned off also, so that the power-on sequence starts again?

I was wondering if it is possible to reset the xavier-nx module without it cycling the power of the carrier Board? If this is possible could this be damaging the module itself?

I did not find useful information about this scenario in your documentation.

As said in DG: Reset to the module when driven low by the carrier board. Used as carrier board supply enable when pulled high by the module when module power sequence is complete. Used to ensure proper power on/off sequencing between module and carrier board supplies.

The carrier should power off when it is low.

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Ok is there maybe a different way to reset the xavier-module without turning of the power supply to the carrier-board?

Power supplies of carrier should be turn off during module reset so as to protect module.

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