Jetson Xavier NX SYS_RESET*


I’m using a Jetson Xavier NX in our custom Carrier board and I’m trying to figure out SYS_RESET* pin (SO-DIMM 239)
So, If I make SYS_RESET* pin to LOW when system is running, How does the Xavier NX module recognize it.
Will the JetPack OS is Shutdown or does the module stop running?

Sunghyun Ji

As said in DG: Module Reset. Reset to the module when driven low by the carrier board.

That Module Reset mean is Software Reset? or Hardware Reset?
I can’t find the watned information in DG

What do you mean “Software Reset? or Hardware Reset?”? Obviously it is a pin to trigger PMIC and SoC to enter reset process. “This results in a full system power cycle.”