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I have a question regarding Sys_Reset* pin (pin no. 239 of SoM connector). Does the Xavier NX SoM expects any input on this pin for the normal functionality. I believe the reset requirements are taken care in the SoM itself. I am using this pin only as output from the SoM as carrier board supply enable. Is there any other option for manual reset of the SoM other than pulling this pin low?

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The function of it has been listed in DG as below.

Module Reset. Reset to the module when driven low by the carrier board. Used as carrier board supply enable when pulled high by the module when module power sequence is complete. Used to ensure proper power on/off sequencing between module and carrier board supplies. 1kΩ pull-up to 1.8V on the module.

There is no other option than pulling it low.

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I believe power ON reset for the Jetson Xavier NX device is managed in the SoM. I plan to use this pin as unidirectional signal. Just as Power enable output from the SoM. Hope this is OK.
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Please read the Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide carefully. There is clear answer to your question in it. SYS_RESET is used to enable carrier powr rails during power on sequence.

I think I haven’t addressed my question properly. I am already using SYS_RESET to enable power rails in my carrier card & this is working fine.

However, I am not giving any reset input to the SoM through this pin. I believe power ON reset requirements is taken care in the SoM & no Reset is required from carrier card.

I am using SYS_RESET as output only signal from SoM.

Yes, reset is output only during power on.

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