Jetson Xavier NX Power and System Pin

Hi what are the behaviors of below pins on Jetson Xavier NX?




In our custom carrier board we are observing below behaviors

1.Initiate power up (SLEEP/WAKE pulled low?) -
by default auto power on is enabled. There is no control on power button. If auto power on needs to be disable, then board rework is required?
Is it not possible to use the same power button to turn ON & turn OFF the system? Only 1 functionality can be achieved per board with/without rework, any other options?

2.Initiate power down (SLEEP/WAKE pulled low again?) -
Pull power button low and hold for at least 10 seconds & release it, is this correct?

3.Indicate system status (SYS_RESET high/low?) -
Monitor the status of SYS_RESET ? any other options?

4.Deal with a power down request from the Xavier (SHUTDOWN_REQ goes low?) -
On the carrier board, 5V rail is always ON. Once the Xavier initiates a power down request, the module goes OFF & turns off all the power rails except 5V. Due to this, the Force off pin is driven to 5V even after the system is turned off. this behavior is expected?

hello vbhm,

please refer to Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit User Guide and Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide for reference,
for example, it’s shorten pins-5 and pin-6 on J14, to disable auto power-on.

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