Ethernet issue in Jetson Xavier NX daughter card


I have designed a carrier card for Jetson Xavier NX SoM. We have already tested all the interfaces from SoM like HDMI/CSI/USB/SPI/IIC etc, all are working fine but Ethernet is not working. There is one issue with SYS_RST# (pin 239 of SoM connector) in our design. Due to some design issues, we are using this as input only to our carrier card to enable power regulators but not driving anything on this pin from carrier card. Does the Ethernet PHY used in the SoM expects any reset from carrier card through this pin? I didn’t doubt this as all other interfaces are working.
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No, no reset needed for PHY.

Thanks. Does Ethernet interface depends on any system control pins? Can I get the Ethernet page schematics? As I informed earlier, we could test all the interfaces except Ethernet.

I believe Ethernet 4 MDI pairs are connected one-to-one. I mean MDI0 of the PHY is connected to MDI0 of SoM connector?
Do you have any other suggestion for Ethernet debugging?

Please refer to the Xavier NX carrier board P3509 schematic in DLC.