How to control another Ethernet PHY by Xavier NX?

We made a custom board using a Xavier NX module. This custom board is to join an existing system. The Ethernet link with the existing system is an RGMII link (type MAC link). As the Xavier NX module already has an Ethernet PHY which transforms the MAC link into an Ethernet link, we have therefore put on our custom board another Ethernet PHY (for reverse transofrmation).
My question concerns the use of 2 GPIO pins as MDIO. Have you ever controlled another Ethernet PHY from GPIOs with this module? do you have an mdio-gpio driver?
Thanks for your help.

I want to use mdio-gpio driver. How to to add it on a dtsi file for Xavier Nx SOM using GPIO13 and GPIO14 ?

Moving to Jetson Xavier NX forum for resolution.

Sorry that we have no experience of that. I will let other forum user to share their experience.