Enthernet Phy used for Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX

I am currently designing a interposer board compatible for the Jetson Nano module and the Xavier NX module. This board will link our current system (motehrboard) to these modules. Regarding Ethernet, we use MAC RGMII link on our system and therefore the interposer board will have to transmit RGMII.
However, the Jetson Nano module produce the MDI from a PHY Realtek RTL8119I-CG and the Xavier NX produce module from the MDI Realtek RTL8211FDI. My question is simple.
Since we have to link PHY to PHY without using Magnetics, can I use any Ethernet PHY ? I already managed to find the datasheet of the RTL8211-FDI (Xavier NX) but not that of the RTL8119I-CG (Jetson Nano). Do you have the opportunity to share the RTL8119I-CG datasheet? If no, can you tell us if it is compatible with IEEE 802.3u for Ethernet and Fast Ethernet, and then in IEEE 802.3ab for GigaEthernet.
Thank you for your help

A diagram will be more helpful to understand your question of PHY connection.
We can not share the datasheet, it is full compliant with IEEE802.3u and 802.3ab.

direct link between two Ehternet Phy without magnetics.

our mother board support RGMII link on its connector but the Jetson Nano produce a MDI link. So our interposer board must translate le MDI link on a RGMII link with a PHY. So, we have to implment a MDI link on board wihtout magnetics (only put capacitors on the net).

Got it. We have no experience or reference design for such transformerless application, it needs to check with vendor to see if any AN can be provided.