Ethernet Phy for Jetson Nano

Hello, I am trying to route my own carrier board for the Jetson Nano, which is using the gigabit ethernet, and I was looking for information on the ethernet phy so that I can properly terminate it and select magnetics. I couldn’t find anything about the hardware that is on the nano itself, so I don’t know what voltage the MDIO lines should have 50ohm impedance against. Any idea where that info would be located, all I could find was that the nano implements “Realtek RTL8119I-CG”.

Hi, there is ethernet design guide in OEM DG and detail schematic design in Schematic Package.

Yes there is a lot of good information there about PCB layout guidelines, and is actually where I found that the nano implements a Realtek RTL8119I-CG, but looking through it I couldn’t find anything about selecting magnetics. My question is similar to this one TX1 Ethernet Magnetics , however for the Nano instead of the Tx-1. Also, the schematic utilizes integrated megantics, while I am using a separate connector and magnetics.

Similar to that topic, the magnet of TX1 is suitable to nano, you can choose other similar ones too.