Jetson NANO based custom design of Ethernet switch


I’m designing my own Jetson NANO based carrier board.
I would expand Ethernet ports by connecting Gbit interface to Gbit switch (KSZ9477S) that utilize voltage-mode transmit drivers and on-chip terminations. Will I need any bus termination between Jetson NANO and the switch(both are on the same PCB), such as 50Ohm resistors, coupling capacitors or transformers?

What happens if I connect 10/100 Mbit switch (with voltage-mode drivers) using only two signals pairs GBE_MDI0_x and GBE_MDI1_x. Will I need to configure Jetson to work in 10/100 mode or it would negotiate and adjusted to 10/100Mbit interface?

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Not know you design details, but you can check the product design guide, the MDI interface has trace impedance request, 100ohm for diff pair and 50ohm for single end. In theory it will auto negotiate on speed mode, better to check your device datasheet to confirm.