Looking for advice on ethernet connections for the Jetson Nano

Hi, a student working on developing a custom carrier board here.

I am looking for some advice on the topic of creating two Ethernet connections on a custom carrier board for the Jetson Nano SOM. Looking through the documentation available I learned that the Jetson Nano has dedicated pins available to create a single Gigabit Ethernet connection.

For our project we need to have two ethernet (RJ45) connectors available on the custom designed carrier board. The link speeds of both those connectors does not have to be at Gigabit speeds. 100Mb/s is satisfactory already, although faster speeds would be a nice addition.

My question is: What is the best way to achieve having two ethernet connections to the Jetson Nano Module? Could the existing single Gigabit lanes be split into two working at half the speed or is that not possible? Would it be better to create an additional Gigabit link over PCIe lanes or even something else?

Thanks in advance!

Hope someone has such experience can be shared. We don’t have recommendation on this as it is not validated on Jetson. Maybe you can find some third-party solution for this, such as ethernet bridge chip, etc.