jetson nano ethernet expand

Hi everyone,
we are designing our own carrier board of jetson nano module(with emmc),but we need 2 ethernets(100M) and 2 usb 3.0 ,the Jetson Nano Carrier Board Reference Design shows to expand usb 3.0 with hub,is there any way to expand ethernet?

Hi sunzhongmeng, since you are designing your own carrier board, you have access to the other PCIe lanes from the Nano module. So you could integrate a PCIe-based multi-port ethernet NIC on your carrier, or add an M.2 or Mini-PCIe slot on your carrier which you could plug an ethernet module into. Hope that helps!

thank i can expand another ethernet through the PCIe0,by the way ,it means i need a ethernet bridge with PCIe interface,e.g. Interl’s I210 or Microcip’s LAN7430,does the nano module have drivers to support?

The drivers should be provided by the networking vendor, or in many cases included with Linux. You may have to enable or build a kernel module.

What you could do to test the drivers before dedicating to the design, is find the NIC in M.2 (key E) form-factor, and plug it into the Nano devkit:

Note that I haven’t tried this particular M.2 module with Nano, you may need an extender cable to get it out from underneath the module.

Alternatively, you could use a TX2 or Xavier devkit which have desktop PCIe slots to test a networking card (drivers should be similar/same).

@dusty_nv thank you very much ,i’m going to buy a NIC with PCIe interface and plug it into my Xavier.