Ethernet is not working on jetson nano som inserted into xavier nx dev kit carrier

We have a problem with Jetson Nano SOM inserted in Xavier NX design kit carrier board AND in our custom carrier board designed for work with Xavier NX SOM in first place…

Problem is in absence of the ethernet connection and link (RJ45 leds are always off).

[  193.676688] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready

Xavier NX SOM are work just fine in these two boards - ethernet is ok, leds are blinking.

Any ideas why we can’t use Jetson Nano SOM with Xavier NX dev kit Carrier board (and our custom board)?

Thank you in advance,

Roman Abakumov

Actually, I don’t suggest to use NX carrier board + nano module. If you have nano devkit, use that to verify first.
Also, what device tree are you using in such case?

Our aim is to design universal carrier board for jetson-nx and jetson-nano. Since pinout is compatible, especially in ethernet part, we didn’t expect any problems with it…

We have two Nano kits and two Xavier NX kits. None of Nano soms doesn’t work (in ethernet part) in both Xavier NX carrier kits and our custom boards already designed for Xavier NX som.

It’s seems to us that ethernet controller is an independent part of the som and we can’t figured out that is the reason why it doesn’t work.

Device tree is the same as for Nano dev kit. We just install Nano som in different carrier boards.

All seems working except ethernet controller.

So some check points here

  1. These nano module can work if it is nano devkit carrier board, right?

  2. Could you share the full dmesg when nano + your carrier board?

  1. Right. Nano modules works perfect in Nano dev kit. Xavier modules works perfect in Xavier dev kit and in our custom boards…
  2. unfortunately don’t have logs now, can get it on monday only.

Can you give some clarifications for now - why you don’t suggest to use NX carrier board + nano modules? As i see in some threads - opposite situation is allowed - to use Jetson NX in Nano carrier… here, for example: Xavier NX board with Nano Developer Kit board?

Which version of the Nano? The B00 version works quite well in the NX carrier board. I have a few set up that way to make use of the 4x pcie slot on the NX carrier board. The A02 Nanos do NOT work on the NX carrier board. IIRC, I had the same problem with Ethernet.

Looks like version is A02. Dev kits p\n is 945-13450-0000-000…

Does any documentation exists about differences of the module revisions?

Anyway, our A02 Nano modules seems work ok except Ethernet… What can be a source for ethernet controller not working? This is clearly carrier board issue, but that exactly?


A02 module does not support to work on custom carrier board. The custom carrier board design guide is based on B01 module.

Also, we suggest to use b01 production (emmc) module for custom board.