Jetson Nano Module - Network Issue

We would like to return the following product which are purchased by our organisation in earlier. Following are the product details.

Variant : Jetson Nano Module

Serial Number : 1423020014630

Issue : Network Issue (Unable to detect ethernet

![Nano Device|690x316](upload://zi0ddsUtTuunYgoCtM0JsCGSUUb.jpeg) ![Image Nano Terminal|690x316](upload://tyJCO7DpVh2Y3pO8JUcyehOcWcf.jpeg)


Please refer the attached screenshots for your reference.

I don’t see any picture here. Could you paste it again?

Is other nano module able to have fine ethernet with that carrier board?

we have tried different carrier boards but the issue was same.

Then do you have other modules to try?

yes we have done

So how is the result?

every module is working with no issues except this Nano not connecting Ethernet

Ok then pleas file RMA request.

how to proceed for RMA request