Create carrier board for Xavier NX & Jetson Nano

Dear Nvidia community,

i am currently planning on designing a carrier board for the Jetson Nano. I only need the pcie lines, ethernet, usb 3.0 and - of course - power.

I started the design a few months ago before the NX got announced. I am now planning on creating a so called “pro” version of my product utilizing the higher end hardware of the Xavier NX.

Now it would be nice to know if I can use both modules with the same carrier board or if I need to change the SO-DIMM Pinout. Anybody can help me with this?

I did a little bit of research in the documentations of both modules and they look quiet similar.

I would really appreciate some help!


Nano module and Xavier NX module are not compatible.
First, VIN_DC power is different…