Carrier board design

I am trying to build customized carrier board.
As I checked Jetson Nano,TX2 NX, Xavier NX these SOMs are pin compatible.
I am trying to design carrier board which is compatible to these three SOMs.
While studying design files of Xavier NX and Nano development boards I found one difference is that Jetson Nano development carrier board is made up of FR4 type dielectric material and Jetson Xavier NX development board is made up of EM370(5) kind of special dielectric material.
Can you please explain me the reason for using this special category of material for fabricating Xavier NX carrier board?
Can we use same FR4 kind of material for fabricating carrier board for Xavier NX SOM?
If we make carrier board for Xavier NX can we able to use same one for Nano and TX2 NX SOMs?
Please guide me on this topic.

You can choose either one for the PCB design, the important thing is to follow the routing guideline in product design guide.

The carrier board design is compatible, you can check the comparison and migration application notes in DLC for more info.

Thanks a lot for reply.
Definitely I am referring PCB design guideline for making this carrier board.
But there are certain things that I wants to understand,

  1. Reason to choose different dielectric material for Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX development board.
  2. Also Jetson Nano development board is four layer and Jetson Xavier board is six layer so for common carrier board design how many layers we have to consider?
    Please guide me to understand this design concept.

Hi, the key point is to follow the impedance requests in routing guide, customer can choose different dielectric material and layers setting to implement that.

If you can not so certain on that, you can take any one set design of Xavier/TX2/Nano to use same material and layers setting.

So you mean to say we can use any dielectric material either FR4 or EM370 anyone.
Only thing we have to match specified impedance.
So carrier board we can fabricate using any dielectric material.

You can check with PCB vendor on the impedance and signal speed rate requests, or you can just choose same material as devkit if are not so certain on that.

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