PCB Material


A couple of questions related to the material used for the Nano and Xavier NX dev kit PCB manufacturing:

  1. What FR-4 material is used to manufacture the Jetson Nano dev kit PCB? The PCB stackup only shows FR-4 and no part number for the material? Is the material used the same as the Xavier NX dev kit?
  2. The PCB material listed on the Xavier NX dev kit PCB stackup is EM-370(5). What are the reasons for selecting this material?
  3. What values does Nvidia recommend for Glass Transition (Tg), Permittivity (Dk) and Loss Tangent (Df) if the Xavier NX module is targeted for the PCB?


It’s EM-370(5) too. Its features fit NV’s requests, you can search its datasheet online for detail.
We have no recommendation on Tg, Dk or Df. For carrier board design, the signal routing requirements in OEM Design Guide are the detail requests on PCB layout/routing, if the custom carrier follow that well, there will be no problem.

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