Jetson Nano Carrier Board PCB design files


I’m looking for the Jetson Nano Carrier Board PCB design files. I have the schematics, but it would greatly speed things up if the PCB design files were available. Does anyone have a link to them ? I see posts stating they will be released, but I can’t find them!


Hi, the board file is not released ye.


Thanks for the reply. Is there any eta on this ? It seems to be holding up a lot of new designs.

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Not yet. I’m afraid you need to start based on layout guidelines in design guide.

When released PCB file for Developer Kit Jetson Nano carrier board ; can you make those available sooner?

Please wait for the release in the future.

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I was just wondering if there was any update on this ?

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I am also in need of the files ASAP as we are currently in design of our own carrier board. When can we expect to see them available?

Meanwhile, you can have a look at other 3rd party custom carrier board designs:

Not yet, please make design with OEM DG which has list routing guideline for each IO.

Would you be able to post a link to this document ? I can’t find it in the download centre…

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