Jetson Nano Hardware Design Documentation

Hi everyone, we’ve begun releasing the hardware design docs for Jetson Nano. You can download them from the Jetson Downloads Center.

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Thanks to all for your patience while these were being prepared. We look forward to seeing what you create!

Hello Dusty_nv,

Thank you for sharing your work, I appreciate a lot !

Do you know if it is possible to access to the main board which support the Jetson Nano, which is part of the developer kit ?
I will be interesting to develop one based on it, but with a smaller form factor and some modifications, according to my needs.
For example, no needs of HDMI or USB connector, also need some pin from the main GPIO, not all, etc…

Thank you fro your kind answer.

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Hi Chris, these docs are for designing your own carrier board for the Nano. We will be releasing schematics for a reference design of the carrier shortly. Then you can customize it with your own I/O.

Hi Dusty_nv,

Thanks for your answer.
Do you have a schedule for this release ?

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According to the latest released docs, my 1st concern was the pinout assignments differential. The changes have impacted on the previous Nano SOM platform design. We’re going to follow the latest design docs to implement the design changes. I’m worried about the pinout will change again before the mass-production of Nano SOM. Do we need to worry about this conflict?

The schematics are being prepared for their release now, so hopefully within a couple weeks or less. Will keep you updated.

These documents are for the mass-production Nano module. We waited to release the latest resources until the engineering team brought-up the initial build of the production module design and verified there would be no further changes to the pin-out. Waiting for this sign-off from engineering on the production module was the reason for the delay in the release of the documentation that was asked about above. This way the technical specs and design details are verified for the actual production modules.


Is there an ETA for the Jetson Nano TRM?

Hi arne, it is the same as the TX1 TRM. See the updated Tegra X1 (SoC) Technical Reference Manual from this page:

I have a question,can you help on it?
For Jetson Nano only have 1 PCIE port,but My product need more than 1 PCIE devices,can I use PCIE switch to expand more endpoints?

Hi lijiayan, yes you can use PCIe switch if you need to bifurcate the Nano PCIe lanes to support multiple endpoint controllers.

Hi Dusty_nv,

According to the future Jetson Nano dev board files, I would like to know what will be the format to read the archives related to the schema and PCB (Orcad, Allegro, Kicad, Eagle, Altium,…).
Is it the same as TX1/TX2 => Allegro/Orcad ?

This is just to anticipate my works.

If you know it, thank you for your answer.

Best regards,

Hi Christophe, like previously, the schematics and design files will be provided in OrCAD and Cadence Concept (Allegro) formats. It looks like the schematics are going to be released first, with the layout files coming a bit later.

Hello Dusty_nv,

Thanks so much for your useful informations.

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Does the pin out in current Jetson Nano preliminary datasheet match with dev-kit module or with future production one?

Hi, it matches the production module. The initial version of the module that shipped with the devkits so far isn’t recommended for custom designs. Instead it is recommended to design around the production module. There will also be an updated revision of the devkit that uses the production module with SD card.

I understand that it’s not recommended but would be still great to get the pin out of current devkit. I have already purchased couple of devkits and want to use modules for personal projects with custom carrier board without the need of buying extra kits/modules.

We aren’t supporting custom designs for the initial version of the module because it isn’t being produced anymore. However understanding that, if you are still interested, you could check out this preliminary reference design from AntMicro:

Ok, it’s now the end of June 2019 and I have multiple developers sitting around doing nothing based on no schematics being released for this carrier board.

This design is not very stable. I’ve purchased five Nano Development Kits and each board exhibits completely different behavior during initial power on operations. These Wurth standoffs on the heatsink will not survive any type of serious vibration. Female/female standoffs with low quality screws. And what’s up with this heatsink anyway? Graphene is your friend.

Hi gperry, the schematics for carrier board are available for download here:

The devkit isn’t intended for deployment, so for production embedded designs, please refer to the Jetson Nano Thermal Design Guide for information about cooling solutions.