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Where is it possible to find the code for the models used for the benchmark in this page?



Hi Juan, see here awhile for SSD-Mobilenet-v2:


Thank you!

When will you release a Hardware Design Guide or Carrier Board Reference Design for the Nano SIMM module itself? I can’t find anything anywhere on your site.

Hi ajawamnet, we’ll be releasing the hardware docs for the Nano module and design files for the reference carrier board later in June, closer to production release of the module.

Will the Jetson Module also be available in this cheaper version that is being used in the dev kit?
I would be interested in a custom carrier but would not need eMMC or the extra PCIe lanes.

It feels a bit odd that the dev kit is cheaper than the single module :)
Or is the dev kit being subsidized?

If all SoM variants will stay at a higher price than the dev kit I fear it will encourage buying a lot of devkits for small production runs instead, which would be kind of wasteful.

I think that’s why there is a limit of 5 per customer. Sure, you could try to get around that but I think you could probably get in trouble if you got caught. Anywhere but on the Nvidia store they’re marked up anyway. If you tried to order more than your share from Nvidia, they would know.

Anyway, I like the deal. It encourages development and experimentation. Nvidia may feel pushing the Jetson platform using the Nano as a wedge is more valuable than the loss they’re taking on the dev boards themselves.

The Nvidia store limit is likely only due to it not being fully rolled out yet. You can buy 80 of them at arrow all at once for 99$
So I have my doubts that its subsidized.

I’m pretty sure I remember when I ordered mine that it said 5 per customer. I may be bizarrely misremembering it (wetware does that), but I’m also pretty sure I saw it. I have no doubt you can order 80 from some suppliers, but how they source those is why they’re 160 a piece and not 99, i suspect.

@nvidia? Is my wetware malfunctioning or does the Nano have a 5 per customer limit on your store?

Yes, the devkit has the module, however the devkit’s module uses SD card instead of onboard eMMC storage like the production module does.

That is correct for the store currently, we would like to give everyone a chance to get a Nano who wants one. Although you are still free to submit multiple orders as you see fit.

Thank you for this limit. People can be vultures. I probabably wouldn’t have been able to get one at $99 otherwise.

Ok so there will only be a single option for the SoM? No way of getting the SoM with SDcard slot instead of eMMC other than the dev kit? :/

The module with SD card slot only ships in the devkit, but you can place larger orders for the devkit through distributors. Likewise the production module with 16GB eMMC will be available individually from distributors.

Hi mikko, thanks for pointing that out - I’ve fixed the link above to point to the online L4T documentation now, available here:

On Reddit:

SBCGaming Discord: The SBCGaming Discord!

We are looking for schematics of the SOM and / or carrier (similar to JetsonTX1_TX2_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board_Specification1.pdf). Do you you have a similar document for the Nano?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Ted, we’ll be releasing the hardware docs and reference design files for Jetson Nano later this month to go along with the production module. Thanks.

Hey Dusty, do you know where can I buy PiOLEDs? Adafruit is out of stock and I don’t want to buy it from UK suppliers :(

Thank you!

Hi Dourado, here is a link to the PiOLED on Amazon: