Jetson Nano module available now

The Jetson Nano module is available now for people designing a product, along with collateral necessary to create form-factor and use-case specific carrier boards. (See this forum post for a handy index of module collateral.)

Jetson ecosystem partners are already introducing new off the shelf carrier boards compatible with the production module. The following partners plan availability later this month:

Also, the current Jetson Nano Developer Kit is useful to get a start on software for a new product while hardware is being designed and trialed in parallel. We will refresh the devkit later this year with new revision carrier board that supports the production module.


Just to understand:

Jetson nano dev kit price : 99$
Jetson nano SoM Price: 139$

Right now we are developing application sing nano devkit and planning to design custom H/W with nano SoM but worried due price difference. Even I am expecting low price of Jetson nano SoM because removing carrier board.

Could you please clarify the thing? Please correct me If I am wrong.

Module MSRP:
What is the price of Jetson products?

Production deployment with specified operating lifetime:
What is the difference between Jetson developer kits and Jetson modules?

Thanks for sharing this links.

I know the difference between this and prices.

My question with surprise that the price of Jetson devkit which includes Jetson module is less(99USD) than only jetson module (129or 139 USD).

Why? Are they providing carrier board free with discount on Jetson module!!? So it will increase my assumed product cost with custom career board!!


Individual modules come with increased warranty, and also have eMMC. Dev kit does not have eMMC and warranty not transferrable if resold.

Hello all,

Can anyone point me to the correct link, I need the schematic for the Nano module (SOM)?

Schematics are provided only for the carrier board, not the module.

So, how does one know what all circuits are on the module. I am doing a price comparison between this module and a chip down solution from another vendor, therefore need to compare the BOMs for both on the same parts. Thanks.

The only specification you will find is the information needed to design a carrier board. There won’t be enough information to know the actual module schematic/content. You’d need to do a very high volume to be able to purchase the SoC chip itself (which would get you the information to make your own module), and thus for most of the world only the module is available.


I dowloaded the schematics for the carrier board but I can’t fin the footprint for the components on any folder I dowloaded.
If someone could help me finding these, please

Will the A version continue to be delivered?

Only until the devkit refresh. Take a look at the Part Number hierarchy I listed here

The refreshed devkit will include a devkit module (with microSD Card slot) having the same PCB revision as the new production module. I.e., the “180 level” Part Number will change from 180-13448-DAAA-A02 to 180-13448-DAAA-B01. In the same way, the refreshed devkit will include a new revision of carrier board that supports both of these B01 modules. It will not support the A02 modules.

Will NVIDIA will release a new carrier board that supports both of these B01 modules?

Yes, the refreshed devkit will include a new revision of carrier board that supports both of the B01 modules (devkit version and production version). That carrier board will not support the A02 modules.

Hello everybody,
I’m new to Jetson Nano.
Prlawrence, thank you for your information. I’ll order the current nano first. Then I want to run the nano on a drone to process multiple video feeds.

Question: Do you already have information about how many and which ports will be available on the new carrier board?

I’m using a thermal camera and some cameras for different spectral ranges. Therefore HDMI and/or composite video inputs would be very nice.

Best regards,

Hi prlawrence,

we want to design our own carrier board for B01 module, when will the refreshed devkit be available? Is there any other reference design currently we can use to design a carrier board for B01 module?

Is there a document presenting the difference between A02 and B01, I mean the difference which is relevant for carrier board design?


See the “Module Documentation” section here:

Don’t worry about A02; just follow the Jetson Nano Product Design Guide, the reference schematics, etc. All design material we have published is intended for use with B01 module.

Similar to another questioner, we want to design a carrier board for the B01 module. However, we will need a B01 module to test our board, and there is a significant wait time for the production module. Has this refreshed devkit containing the B01 module already been released? If it has, will ordering a devkit from NVIDIA’s online store guarantee that we get the B01 module? If not, when will the refreshed devkit be available?

Any information you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.

Distributors’ online buy pages (e.g., this one) are intended to serve small quantity purchases, and new stock is always on its way. If a distributor’s ecommerce site shows the module to be out of stock, please contact the distributor. The “16 weeks manufacturer lead time” is true generally for large volume, un-forecasted demand.

For larger production volumes, you should definitely contact your distributor in advance and provide your forecast for Jetson products. They will get you a quote including lead time.

I am gonging to buy the carried board for the emmc board,
who is saling the carried board ?
who can connect me?