Jetson Nano module available now

Hi tpwang2000, recommend that you contact the vendors of carrier boards compatible with the eMMC modules listed here:

Is there an estimated release date for Nvidia’s refreshed dev-kit with support for the Jetson Nano B01 module?

Will the refreshed dev-kit work with the new Jetson Xavier NX?
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The revised devkit is planned for Q12020

Yes, the revised Nano devkit will work with the Jetson Xavier NX and the production Nano module.

Thank you, Dustin. I’m very interested in the revised Nano devkit with the Jetson Xavier NX, see my contribution in Jetson Projects:
Question: Will you also create a SD-Card image for the NX as existing for the Jetson Nano?
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Hi WiSi-Testpilot, on Nano the SD card slot is on the underside of the module (the devkit variant of the module, not the commercial module with eMMC). The NX module that has been announced has eMMC, I’m not sure yet if there will be SD card slot available or not.

Thank you very much. So I will wait and see, what happens.
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Will the b01 be software compatible with the a01 models? Is there any difference in power consumption?

Hi ByLaws, as is the case with the production modules currently available, they are software compatible and there isn’t noticeable differences in power consumption.

Does Jetson nano production module support wifi connectivity, is it also supported by one of the carrier boards.
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Hi georgesmarkus, the Nano module doesn’t implement WiFi onboard, however you can attach a USB WiFi dongle or an M.2 WiFi module (for example the Nano devkit includes support for M.2 Key-E)

Please refer to the Jetson Nano Supported Components List for some example wireless modules that are known to be compatible out of the box.

I have bought the Jetson Nano Dev Kit B01. I assume it comes with the Nano B01 “dev kit” module. Is it still okay to run it in production 24/7?

Hi coriolan, the devkits aren’t rated for production use, please refer to this FAQ:

Also, yes the B01 devkit comes with B01 devkit module (the variant with MicroSD card slot)

Hi prlawrence,

Re-opening this question to double check if I need to purchase a new Nano carrier board:

  1. Right now I have a jetson Nano dev kit / carrier board with Part number 945-13450-0000-000 / 180-13449-DAAF-A02

  2. It seems to be compatible with a Jetson Nano module 180-13448-DAAA-A02 that I successfully run

  3. I also have a Xavier NX module labeled 180-13668-DAAA-A02

  4. I am able to flash the NX module successfully with SDK manager, but after starting up it does not seem to boot or show any signs of activity.

Am I right that the Nano devkit that I have is the older version and is not compatible with the Xavier NX board?


Correct. 945-13450-0000-100 includes the reference carrier board with PCB revision B01. See also Considerations when using Jetson Xavier NX module with Nano devkit carrier.

Hi prlawrence, can I replace the given non-production Jetson Nano module on the B01 Devkit with a production-grade Jetson Nano module (B01)? Thank you

Yes. The production Jetson Nano module can be used with the reference carrier board included in B01 devkit ( PN 945-13450-0000-100)

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Understood, thank you @prlawrence. Follow up questions:

  1. Is the reference carrier board included in B01 devkit suitable for production?
  2. Is there any way for me to purchase the reference carrier board in B01 devkit with production-grade Jetson Nano module instead of the non-production module?

Thank you in advance.