Nano jetson sdk manager how?

Can someone show me how to flash my nano jetson board with the sdk manager? there’s no buttons so i don’t know how to get it into recovery mode

See these:

There are some slightly different Nano modules out there, but in general there are two pins (not easy to see), and if power is brought up while those pins are shorted, or if power is reset while those pins are shorted, then the Jetson will be in recovery mode (the pins don’t need to remain shorted, they just need to be shorted during the power up…one pin is just ground, so this grounds one pin during startup). The header with those pins is a 12-pin header which has horizontal pins instead of vertical pins, and sits between the module and the carrier board right at the edge. One of the images from the URLs above shows this as pin 10 (force recovery), which has a ground pin next to it (pin 9) for convenience.

Before starting any flash be sure to connect the micro-B USB cable from the Jetson to the host PC.

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