The Jetson nano does not boot into recovery mode [SPI communication - spidev]

In order to configure the SPI communication protocol, I chose to use this tool: , but when trying to change the Nano to recovery mode by “jumping” pins J45 3 and 4 and the J48 to turn it on with a 5.1V 2.5A on the J25 DC Barrel jack the Nano does not show any signal of life, just the green led, nor the peripheral (inputs) nor the Screen on the HDMI, I’m going crazy trying these steps:

  1. Make sure your Jetson Nano Developer Kit is powered off.
  2. Placing a jumper across pins the FRC pins (3 & 4) of the Button Header (J40) on the carrier board.
  3. Placing a jumper across J48. Connect a DC power adapter to J25.

I will be very grateful for any kind of help!!!

Hi af.contreras.

I used that script too.
At recovery mode, the green LED is active. No screen.

There is not “J45” pin. J40 is.

I will show my Nano’s working with picture in this attachment file.
(This screen shows host PC’s input.)


hi all,

i have the same exact setup as @devemin, but still i can not access recovery mode. what could be the reason?



If the device enters usb recovery mode, you should be able to see it in “lsusb” command on your host machine.

hi WayneWWW,

yes i am aware of that, but still no luck. do i need to connect to a specific usb port? is it necessary to have mouse and keyboard connected? can i use micro-usb to connect to host pc?

You only need to plug the micro-usb to the host pc.

Hi af.contreras,

I followed the image of @devemin and it works. For some reasons, the jumper should be on pins [5 6] not pins [3 4], same as the image. It is weird when pin [3 4] is for Force Recovery, are the pins flipped? I doubt it. I am very new to jetson nano. I assume that should help to enter the usb recovery mode. I was be able to turn on SPI and get my LED array to work.

Thank @devemin for the image.

There is a pin label from the back of board. Just notice by now. Hope this helps. pin [5 6] in @devemin image.

Does the Empty SD Card have to be inserted to put Jetson Nano into Force recovery mode?
Or we should insert SD Card which has an Image?