How to leave recovery mode (Jetson Nano)?

I accidentally put the Jetson Nano into force recovery mode, is there any way to leave force recovery mode without flashing from the SDK manager?


You can press reset pin or remove power adapter and plug-in again to power on.
Please reference Nano User Guide.

Hi carolyuu,

If the micro-usb connection is detected as “Device 033: ID 0955:7f21 NVidia Corp.”, does this mean the development kit is in recovery mode?


Yes, it’s in recovery mode.
Please don’t forget remove “recovery” pin.

Note that if the Nano is fully booted, and if the Nano uses the micro-B for device mode (I’m not sure if it does or not), that the lsusb would also show up like when fully booted.

Although I removed “recovery” pin and remove power adapter and plug-in again to power on, nano is still recovery mode. What can I do?

Are you sure it is in recovery mode? If so, then there is probably hardware failure. Emulated devices will show up on that micro-USB port if booted normally, even if the GUI fails. If you watch for a serial console log, then it might clarify if it really is going into recovery mode. For serial console information, see:

It is fixed by flashing nano again. But I think it is in recovery mode because I could flash without plugging to recovery pin. If I face the error again, I will share serial console logs.